Let’s chat about these April promos, shall we?!?!
Can you say HOLY SMOKES!!!


190 PV: (Retail value $99.66)
15 ml Orange – Um. Hello. One of the best citrus oils, hands down. Smells amazing when diffused with ANY oil, one drop on your toothbrush for extra whitening and can lift even the most foul mood. It’s actually quite amazing in a beer or in a fruit dip as well.
5 ml Panaway – Pain away should be the proper name. With properties that help decrease inflammation and soreness, Panaway is a staple to any oil users collection.

Bonus ER exclusive 15 ml Stress Away – Who here doesn’t love some stress away?! This vanilla/lime/copaiba/lavender/cedarwood/ocotea combo is ON POINT. Might as well be on the beach.

250 PV: (Retail value $138.80)
Digest & Cleanse: a soft gel supplement taken to help promote healthy digestion.
15 ml Orange
5 ml Panaway
Bonus ER exclusive 15 ml stress away

300 PV: (Retail value: $253.61)
5 ml Owie – this oil is the one my kids cry for when they get hurt. Applied to cuts, scrapes, bruises and sores, it can help with any owie on the horizon.
5 ml TummyGize – I think of this as a super kid friendly version of Digize. Same idea, more kid friendly smell.
5 ml Genyus – This blend is specifically formulated to help with focus and attention, bringing out every child’s inner genius.
Digest & Cleanse
15 ml Orange
5 ml Panaway
Bonus ER exclusive 15 ML Stress Away