Whether you are a Distributor, Silver, or Royal Crown Diamond, it is an excellent practice to personally contribute 500 PV to your organization each month. You may have referred to this as the 500 club.  You, through a personal order, personal enrollments, and enrolling members on ER, grow your business by 500 Pv each month.

This encourages you to always think like a Distributor.  You, as a Royal Crown Diamond, can always be thinking “how can I build to Star!”

So let’s talk about this! How can you “Build to Star” each month!

 Focus your time and energy on ONE. One new enrollment a month. One new essential rewards member a month. One new biz team member a month. Rinse and Repeat. Each month you focus on the power of ONE. Plan your work time strategically. Your focus is:
-Enroll a new member
-Get one person on ER
-Get one biz person.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the things you could be doing.  But rather, remember your focus. This keeps it SUPER simple for you. This helps you determine the THINGS you do. So for example, does me scrolling on FB for an hour help me do any of these tasks when it comes to my biz? NO. Does doing this research on PTSD for a member help me build my biz? YES…because you will take that research and help your member understand that ER is the best way to get the oils they need for PTSD.

If you:

-place a personal order
-enroll one new member
-get one new ER sign up
-get one biz person

You WILL either be at STAR or be SO DANG CLOSE that it’s crazy town.


SOMETIMES THIS MAY happen with ONE PERSON….you enroll them, they get on ER pronto, and they go biz faster than you can say “do you want to do the biz?”….Now….if that happens, I want you to JUMP UP AND DOWN because you NOW have a running mate…you guys are going to be building to Star together and this is FUN.

So here we go….the POWER OF ONE.. THIS IS YOUR FOCUS….one new member, one new ER person, one new biz person.

Here are 9 ways to make this happen:

1. Now one of the BEST WAYS to build your OGV is to help your previous kit sales and kit sales from THIS MONTH to get their orders paid for.

IF any member, places a 50 PV order, they can earn the kit bonus/thank you check of $50. And if they enroll 3, they get their kit costs covered or reimbursed! What?!?!

2.  Teach a class for your previous enrollments.  If they enroll three people at the class you teach, they will get their order paid for you and will be WELL on your way to Star. This is actually what got me started. I knew if I sold 3 or 4 kits the same month, I bought my kit, then I could get the money back. And I HAD to do that. I had to do. I had to get the money back. We were on WIC, Medicaid, and Food Stamps…we had a sick kid and we could barely pay our $600 rent. The power of three was real to me.

3. Create a sign up link at yl.pe for someone! Every person in your organization should have their sign up link and know that they can earn $50 when they enroll a member. And if they do it three times, they will get their kit costs covered AND YOU WILL REACH STAR!

4.  Teach in all the places!  Instastories, in person, go live!  Teach in all the places. Even if no one comes, keep on teaching.

5.  Offer an incentive for a potential new member.  I find that tangible items are always better.  Glassware and labels, an oil education resource, a sweet diffuser necklace!

6. Run  “a get your product paid” for workshop in your oil education group.

7.  Always have a flip kip on hand! Offer it up around holidays, birthdays, and special events.

8.  Expand your network! Look for new ways to meet people and engage with others.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk and meet new people.

9.  Build 6 month wellness plans for your current members.  Walk them through how to reach their health goals with Young Living.

Bam! Star!