We are headed to the beach for a week.  And of course, where we go, Young Living goes.   Here are my top 5 must have’s for travel!

1. The Select 30 (Item 5763)
This is YOUR ONE stop shop for on-the-go oils!  A hardcase filled with 30 of your favorite essential oils.

2.  Seedlings wipes (Item 20428)
These soft and oil infused wipe are a must have for quick clean ups whether you are in a car, plane, train, boat or on a yak, elephant, or camel.  This are great to keep in your bag for all the messes or to refresh after a long travel day.

3. Your Immune Boosting Supplements:
Life 9 (Item 18299)
InnerDefense (Item 3295)
Immupro (Item 3213)

We all know that when you are stressed your immune system can be challenged. So make sure you keep your immunity boosted with these supplements.

4.  Ningxia Red Packets (Item 3525)
These convenient packets of Ningxia Red are perfect for a travel bag and will give you an extra boost after lunch or start your day off right with a packet.

5.  Travel Kit (Item 4699)
All of your toiletries in ONE place. Gasp. That’s right. Non-toxic, personal care products in a travel size packed already in a bag.  This. is. a. must.

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