SPRING is officially here, and that means Young Living’s April 2019 promos are BEAMING with sunshine!

BIG BONUSES when you’re on ER (all the cool kids are doing it, are you?) and EVEN BIGGER BONUSES when you reach the beloved 400pv level.

Goldenrod. this pretty yellow bottle of sunshine + happiness is OUT OF STOCK at the moment, making it a unicorn oil. you need yourself a bottle if you’re not already hoarding some. it’s great for mood, but even more so, fantastic for liver + libido support. YES, I totally just said that.

Dream Catcher. sweet dreams, all spring + summer long with this bad boy! TIP: diffuse with lavender for an EXTRA awesome snooze!

Lavender Bath Bombs. your baths will never be the same. trust me. add a little extra epsom salt with a drop or two of Dream Catcher, and your bath will be out of this world.

Tangerine. who doesn’t love citrus scents?! I love diffusing Tangerine with Patchouli + Bergamot! what do you love diffusing it with?

Lemon. this is a staple for me, and likely for you too. I’m convinced you can never have enough lemon. I diffuse with lavender + peppermint to make the most amazing scent flow in my home!

Vetiver. a staple in ANY + ALL roller blends I make, especially the blends that I want to help me concentrate, focus + do things with intention.

Clary Sage (ER bonus!). if you’re a lady, or if you know a lady, or if you have ladies in your life, you NEED this oil. we also don’t sell this in 5ml bottles, so how special is that?!

10 ER points (ER bonus!). YES PLEASE!











what’s in your ER this month? do you try to order one new thing every month – a new oil or a new product you’ve never tried before? It’s my MOST FAVORITE way to get to know our products + to ditch + switch products in my home! AND IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

this month I’m ordering a whole bunch of oils that I’m running low on! stress away, palo santo, lemon, envision + white angelica are all on my order!

can’t wait to read what you’re trying this month!