It’s a great time to STOCK UP on some of our very FAVORITES just in time for winter.

From 10/23/2018 – 10/25/2018, you can grab ANY of of the following at 20% off:

  • 15ml THIEVES
  • 15ml LAVENDER
  • 5ml VALOR (yes, you read that right)

Each of these oils have a TON of uses on their own and when combined, they do truly MAGICAL things.

LAVENDER – a staple in ALL THE HOUSEHOLDS. Diffuse for relaxation or apply to your skin for help with healing just about anything.

THIEVES – a must-have all year long, but ESPECIALLY these months with everyone and their mama is getting sick. NOT YOU, if you’re using this oil wisely!

CEDARWOOD – HELLO SLEEP. Did you also know how beneficial this oil is for hair strength and growth? Yeah, get you some, stat.

PEPPERMINT – Diffuse this stuff for dang near anything you want – add it to your sniffles-be-gone diffuser combo (with lemon and lavender!) or slap it on your skin to cool off, or get a boost of energy.

VALOR – this oil is the mack daddy of blends. Wear it to boost your confidence + tackle anything that comes your way, or apply it to an achy area of your body for some instant relief…and 20% off? I’ll be buying more than one, that’s for sure.

These products are ONLY discounted for a few days, so don’t miss out. You can’t add them to your ER nor can you cash in ER points to get them discounted, but you CAN throw together a quick order (with FREE SHIPPING now that you’re on YLGo+)

HECK YES! go forth and be excited about this little flash sale Young Living threw at us!


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