Blue Cypress may be new to you, and while it might not have been one of the top oils in your radar before now, I’ve got good news for this freebie coming your way: THIS oil can do SO many things.

First of all, you need to know that it is indeed BLUE. We love a pretty oil.

Blue Cypress is a great oil to have in your first aid kit: it can be used to healing minor irritations, treat, little skin annoyances, and as a bonus: it’s also a mood lifter!

It is calming and grounding…..which who doesn’t need that in their life?

It does wonders for the skin – make sure to add Blue Cypress to your moisturizer!

Blue Cypress pairs really well with many of our favorites in a roller or diffuser. For example: a few drops of Blue Cypress + Grapefruit + Cedarwood and you’ll be saying goodbye to YOUR blues!

If you don’t have Blue Cypress in your arsenal yet, getting it for FREE is a great way to add it in!


(Get a FREE 5ml Blue Cypress with your 300PV order in the month of May 2019!)