Chai Tea Frappuccino*

A healthy alternative to the Starbucks drive through, this Frappuccino features a blend of spices and uses tea instead of coffee. An undertone of coconut boosts the flavor and creates and amazing dessert or pick-me-up!


1 cup plain black tea, cooled
1 T Raw honey: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory
1/2 cup cocout cream, refrigerated. (Place a can of full-fat coconut milk in the fridge overnight, and scoop the hardened white top. This is the cream – a natral fat-burner. Save the clear liquid for another type of smoothie.)
1 drop YL cinnamon vitality essential oil: antimicrobial, antidepressant
1 drop YL ginger vitality essential oil: anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, antiseptic
1 drop YL clove vitality essential oil: antimicrobial, immune stimulant
1 drop YL cardamom essential oil: anti-infectious, digestive aid, and gives it that classic chai flavor.
1/4 tsp vanilla extract.
1 cup ice


Buzz it up in a blender and enjoy!

*Recipe by Gina Purvis, clean eating advocate and essential oil addict