Take any typical mainstream laundry detergent and do research on the ingredients and you will find that its not all that great for you. It might be getting your clothes clean, but is it necessary to use a bunch of chemicals to do so? I’d like to think not! If you’re looking for a greener laundry routine, follow along!

To simplify your laundry routine, you really only need three things:

Thieves Laundry Soap
You don’t need five different laundry soaps for five different reasons. This citrus-scented soap includes only plant-based ingredients, cleans well, and goes a long way! The 32oz bottle can clean up to 64 loads!

Wool Dryer Balls
Ditch the chemicals in dryer sheets for wool dryer balls. You can find these on Amazon. They are made from all natural materials and help your laundry dry faster! You only have to replace them every 1,000 loads.

Essential Oils
Replacing the perfumes used in dryer sheets, you can add your own oil blends to the dryer balls before adding them to a load in the dryer. Just add a few drops to each ball and you are good to go! Purification essential oil is a great one to use to help your clothes smell fresh and clean. You can also try some ideas below!

Essential Oils for Dryer Balls:
Tea Tree