DIY Beard Oil

What you need:
• 2-ounce glass bottle
• Your favorite carrier oils
• 30-40 drops of essential oil

Fill the bottle 3/4ths full of carrier oil. Add essential oils (see below for recommendations) and mix together. Store in a cool, dry place.

Essential Oils for Beards:

This essential oil blend was created specifically with men in mind and pairs well with confidence—on the field, in the office, or wherever your day takes you.

Cedarwood is woodsy and a little sweet. It’s great for conditioning skin and hair!

Cinnamon Bark
Sweet, spicy, and cozy. It’s a hot oil, so start with just a few drops in your carrier oil.

Clove is also a great option for sweet spice with a warm and comforting aroma.

Eucalyptus Globulus
Eucalyptus Globulus has a fresh, exhilarating aroma and cooling sensation.

Lavender has a light, calm aroma. It’s great for revitalizing hair, cleansing and soothing skin, not to mention reducing the appearance of blemishes.

Lemon is energizing and uplifting and reduces the appearance of aging! It is a photosensitive oil, so it’s best for using on your beard at night.

The scent is a balance of sweet and herbal, and you’ll love the cooling sensation.

Pine adds a fresh, woodsy twist to any blend.

Warm, earthy Patchouli is a common scent in colognes and other grooming products. It may also improve the appearance of dry or dull skin.

Rosemary helps support healthy-looking hair. It also has a fresh, invigorating aroma that pairs beautifully with any of the other oils on this list!

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood®*
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood has a bright aroma that smells like fresh, warm wood. It may improve the look and appearance of healthy skin.

Sage is both spicy and herbal and is traditionally used for its clarifying properties.

Tea Tree
Tea Tree has a refreshing scent and is an excellent oil for skin and hair. It helps maintain healthy-looking hair and skin, plus reduces the appearance of blemishes. Tea Tree might be your skin’s best friend.

This oil has a bold, herbal scent and may improve the appearance of skin.