I want to introduce you guys to a few oils that are some of my favorites. Oils that not only smell great, but that can be SUPER beneficial in putting a little more pep in your step – they can help improve your mood, GET YOU IN THE MOOD, and really connect you with your loved one this season of love (aka Valentine’s Day)!

Below, I’ll talk about each oil, and then at the very end, I’ll share my SUPER AMAZING recipe for homemade lotion bars – they are AMAZING, and they are the absolute perfect gift for a loved one or friend this Valentine’s Day!

alright….on to the fun stuff!



this is a super special oil blend for the gentlemen. it includes these oils: Idaho Blue spruce, Ocotea, Ylang ylang, Hinoki, Coriander, Davana, Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon, and one of my FAVORITE SINGLE OILS: Northern Lights Black spruce.

this blend is a FANTASTIC choice for cologne for dudes, as it help boost confidence + masculinity. put a dab or two on your wrists + neck, and go on with your day. notice how amazing you feel and I guarantee you get at LEAST two compliments on how amazing you smell. BONUS if those compliments are from women 🙂

this blend can also be diffused, alone or with another favorite oil or two. it is a great diffuser choice when trying to set the mood to spend an evening with your loved one….catch my drift?



another blend of oils, and this one includes: Coriander, Ylang ylang, Bergamot, Jasmine + Geranium.

this oil SMELLS amazing, and it is a great diffuser choice OR perfume selection for the ladies. it makes you feel romantic, attractive and VERY feminine. so much so, that YL makes shower gel AND massage oil with this SAME blend of oils – THAT is how awesome it is!


ylang ylang + orange.

these are two single oils that ALONE, are awesome for women to use, topically or aromatically to balance out mood, feel pretty + boost confidence. use them together in the diffuser or wear them as perfume, OR apply to your inner thighs to boost attraction + enhance your….umm….time spent with your lover. yeah, I think you catch my drift with that one 🙂

LASTLY but certainly not least…..I want you guys to know about this amazing recipe that is TRIED + TRUE in my household. I absolutely LOVE making lotion bars for anyone and everyone, and I always have a stash at my house. They are SO awesome to use when you want a little moisture anywhere on your body, without the nasty drying-ingredients of other store bought lotions + ointments.

you can put ANY oils in this recipe to make lotion bars for any occasion, but my FAVORITE this time (Valentines Day, my anniversary…etc) is Ylang Ylang + Shutran! the scent is DIVINE and you will want to smell like this ALL.DAY.LONG!