You’re here because you’re wondering what Essential Rewards is, right? Well, you’re in the right spot!

In the easiest way possible, here is EXACTLY how you benefit from our AMAZING loyalty program!

  • EASY as pie monthly shipments. You pick the date. Change it as many times as you want up until the day it runs. Plan it around pay day. Plan it around your birthday. Order early one month because you’re out of Frankincense (I get it, I’ll do anything for Frank, too!)
  • Discounted shipping rates. Who doesn’t love to save a buck (or more)?!
  • BONUSES. Did you know you can make money just by sharing your love of your oils? Yeah. When your order reaches 100PV, you can qualify to earn bonuses and commissions. Chat with that friend that got you hooked on oils to learn more about this! You WON’T be sorry.
  • Points that INCREASE with time. Each order earns you points that you can cash in for products!
  • GIFTS. You read that right. You’ll get FREE gifts the longer you’re enrolled in ER, the more Young Living sends you as a thanks! 

Now, because I want you to have the FULL details at your fingertips, click here to learn just how AWESOME some of the above mentioned highlights are!

If you find yourself with more questions, just reach out to your enroller. If they’re not around, Distillery9 is always happy to help answer questions, too!

Happy ordering!


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