During our Faces of Distillery 9 series, we’re getting to know the different people that make up this team.

Introducing: Caitlin Higgins-Gibson

When did you first enroll/begin business with young living?
I enrolled in September of 2014 and began the business is February 2015 when I accidentally enrolled my mother in law and didn’t even know I’d get a paycheck.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m Caitlin, but everyone calls me Cait. I live in Metro Detroit, and can’t imagine life any other way.
I’m a former CPA / Forensic Accountant turned Barista, turned blogger / housewife / oily guru and I chose this life. My blog focuses on PCOS and low carb eating, since low carb eating assists PCOS, and spend a majority of my time educating people about PCOS, as well as being open about my struggles with infertility due to PCOS, and how most people try to link motherhood to womanhood.
I have a husband of 7 years, who is AMAZING, and every day I thank God that I have him.
Together we have two cats, Jynx, an angel baby, and Cambria, often referred to as Camilla the Hun. I’ve got my sights set on having an Irish Wolfhound puppy and a baby (human) by the end of 2020!
My biggest hobby is most definitely going to Farmer’s Markets. If you’re in Metro Detroit, chances are good you can catch me at Eastern Market on a Saturday. Never be scared to say hey. I love new people!

What is your favorite young living product?
Every time someone asks my favorite YL product, I think 92038092840 run through my head. Clearly, that’s an exaggeration, since we don’t have that many… yet.
I think if push came to shove, Nitro and Peppermint would be tied. I think. Please don’t tell my other products I pick and choose.

What do you love most about this business?
This business gives me freedom, and has helped me stay sane while staying at home. I love the people I’ve met and I love everything about it.
I also love seeing the effort I put in turn into this amazing thing.

How has this business changed your life?
HAH. It’s changed my life drastically, and I’m only a Star! I’m by no means rollin’ in the dough, okay. BUT – This business gave me the balls (sorry guys, write how you talk, ya know? haha) to start my blog.
This business lets me stay home. And not feel bad about it.
This business has given me an amazing support system.
This business, and the leaders of D9, gave me so much peace for the grief I got and had to deal with from quitting my quite lucrative job to do something I enjoyed instead.
To put it simply – This business has given me my life back.

Share your favorite (motivational or inspiring) quote.
Success isn’t linear, friends. Peaks and valleys.