During our Faces of Distillery 9 series, we’re getting to know the different people that make up this team.

Introducing: Janel Wallis

When did you first enroll/begin business with Young Living?
I first enrolled and received my kit May 2015. Began just selling kits to family members that wanted them in December of 2015 (I did not take this business seriously until January of 2017).

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am 48 years old, from Sault Sainte Marie, MI, (the frozen tundra with 20 feet of snow everywhere) LOL and I have lived here all my life. I became a Mom in August of 1992 to my one and only child who is now 26! When I was 28 I married my husband, of 20 years, and his two children who are now 28 and 32. We have two grandbabies ages 7 years old and 8 months old.
I work a corporate job 40 hours a week, my husband owns 2 businesses that I do all of the paperwork for (minus the payroll and taxes) and he raises bees (which also keeps me busy).
We just started traveling once we became empty nesters (way too expensive to go too many places with 3 kids). I love a hot sauna, hot tubs and beaches (we are trying hard to retire and get out of here for the winters)! I enjoy getting a camera in my hand, getting out into the country and getting some pictures taken (which I am not very good at, but it relaxes me). I need to make more time to do this, I have been really working my business and having so many classes, I just haven’t fit it in this last year.

What is your favorite Young Living product?
I’m not sure that I can choose just one! My three constants, that I take daily without a doubt, is Ningxia Red, Thieves, and Lemon.

What do you love most about this business?
I love all of the friends (some I have yet to meet) that have come into my life. The support and love is amazing!

How has this business changed your life?
As of right now, with my business, I am able to help monthly with the kids back pack program (which just breaks my heart that we have this problem in our world). My goals are HUGE for the upcoming years! We have so much need in our area for homeless people, addicts, Military Vets, Women and Men’s shelters, animal shelters, those going without….my list could go on and on! My goal is to get to the top so I can continue to help others in a BIGGER way then I can now.

Your favorite quote:
“What The Lazy Want, The Disciplined Get!”