During our Faces of Distillery 9 series, we’re getting to know the different people that make up this team.




Introducing: Megan Martindale


When did you first enroll?

I got my kit in Sept of 2014 and started taking the business seriously in June of 2017. I was really resistant to doing the business at first because MLMs are for weirdoes. Well guess what, I’m the weirdo.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I was born and raised in Northeast Iowa in a tiny town called West Union. I went to College of the Ozarks right out of high school and majored in all of the things until I finally landed on P.E. I met my husband, Jason, the end of my sophomore year. It was basically love at first sight, not even joking. We’ve moved a LOT, something like 20 times and all self inflicted for his career. He’s a wildland firefighter and I’m so stinking proud of his hard work and sacrifice.

We have two boys, Boone(5) and Gus(3). My dream was to always be a momma and here I am crushing it. Both of our kids were born with a genetic condition called Fragile X Syndrome. It’s a rare condition that causes intellectual and developmental delays. My days consist of taking them to and from therapy and/or school and helping them be their best little selves. I always say my first job is taking care of my kids and my second is YL. If someone in your family or someone you know has been diagnosed with FXS, please reach out! I love connecting with other FXS family especially if they are oily.

We currently live in Boise, ID and it is by far our most favorite place we’ve lived. We love to get outside and do all the things- festivals, hike, fish, camp(although the last two haven’t happened much since we had kids.) We also really love going to watch/listen to live music. It’s probably our favorite thing. Other hobbies include sitting and doing nothing. #momlife


What is your favorite young living product?

My favorite product really just depends on the day. Dragon Time is amazing. P+ got me started with YL. Stress Away is probably an everyday favorite. Ningxia is a non-negotiable in our house. I’m also really into Ningxia Nitro right now. Oh, and Mightypro is pretty awesome because if my kids are pooping good we’re all happy.


What do you love most about this business?

I love all of the things- the amazing people, the fact that I get to help people make better choices, and I love that I’m building something for my family’s future. I always say, “I’m going to the top! It might take me 20 years but I’m gonna get there because a RCD check is one hell of a retirement plan.”


How has this business changed your life?

This business has given me an outlet that is just mine. It brings so much joy to work on my oil stuff. I’ve also grown and become more confident in nearly every area of my life.


Share your favorite quote.

“Do the scary things first. Then get scared.” “Fantasies are realities in a world with no excuses.” The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10