When did you first enroll/begin business with young living?
I enrolled in February of 2017 I’m at the official 2 year mark and have my amazing best friend to thank for it!

Tell us a little bit about yourself (where you are from, your family, work, hobbies).
I am from The Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It’s just my husband and I. We bought our first home May of 2018 he has high hopes for a hobby farm, I have high hopes that he never gets the ambition to do it. I work for the state of Michigan and I love my job. My Young Living business is kind of my hobby along with my part time college classes only because when I’m not at work that’s all I have time to do.

What is your favorite young living product?
If you want me to pick just one product it would be peppermint. I use it for any and everything. It settles my belly, and it deters spiders who wouldn’t love that.

What do you love most about this business?
I love the versatility of the business. For me if it’s all state work and college classes this week yeah I’m sad but I can do more oils work maybe next week and that’s that. No dragon breathing fire down my neck to meet quotas.

How has this business changed your life?
Well I spend a lot more on oils, that’s for sure! It’s opened my eyes to different ways of doing things and showing others that just because Mr. Clean is on TV doesn’t mean his way is best. You can do things more then one way and that might be the better and healthier way for YOU and YOUR family. Don’t worry about what Debbie down the road thinks. I’ll talk to her later (lol)

Share your favorite quote:
If you ask my mom or my husband it’s “well… I have an oil for that!”