Happy February!

If you’re on Essential Rewards this month and you hit the 100PV mark, Young Living is going to send you a free bottle of Lemongrass! Lemongrass in FOR SURE in our top 20 favorite oils and belongs and in every single oil bag!

For 190PV you’re going to get a 15ml of Wintergreen and a 15ml of Eucalyptus Radiata in addition to the Lemongrass. Yes please!

At 250PV, it gets even more fun. PALO SANTO along with everything else PLUS 20 FREE ER points. That’s $20 you can spend any products you want.

And get this, we’ve never seen this before, at 300PV you get 20 MORE ER points PLUS a bottle of Panaway all for FREE. That’s 40 extra points on top of the freebies and what you’re already earning.

For you math folks, if you’re getting a monthly customizable box (and if you’re not, you’re crazy) and you’re earning at 25% back and you place a 300PV order this month, you’re going to get 100 ER POINTS FOR FREE in addition to FIVE free bottles of oils. You’re gonna want that Palo Santo, trust us. 100 ER points – that’s a whole month of Ningxia, you guys. For FREE.

OH… and PEACE & CALMING IS BACK so stock up on that while you it’s still in stock!

Go get it!

We wouldn’t want to forget our friends in the great white north. Talk about some AWESOME oils for the month of LOVE!


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