There’s no better month than February to focus on being kinder, gentler, and more loving to yourself. Show some love to your mind, body, and soul by improving your whole-life wellness with this month’s PV promo.

With your qualifying order this month, you’ll receive a 5 ml bottle of Purification® and a 15 ml bottle of Ylang Ylang. Add Purification’s odor-fighting blend of essential oils to your laundry routine to freshen your date-night wardrobe. Complete your look with healthy-looking skin by adding a drop or two of Ylang Ylang to your face lotion for a glow that goes with everything!

You’ll also receive 5 ml bottles of Palo Santo and Marjoram. Dilute these essential oils with carrier oil to give tired muscles some TLC. After a relaxing massage, take a moment to meditate while diffusing Cypress essential oil and surround yourself with the grounding aroma. Your mind will thank you.

Finally, we’ll send you Super Cal™ Plus and Clove Vitality™—products that help you care for yourself from the inside out! Super Cal Plus is packed with vitamins and minerals known to support overall bone health.* Clove Vitality is not only a treat for the taste buds but also promotes a healthy immune response.*