Stress Happens…. As much as I think “I got this” and that I am a super mom who can handle anything… wouldn’t you know it but everyday stresses creep up on me just like everyone else.  I am glad I have an oil for that…. If you haven’t already met my friend Stress Away Roll On…. well then, let me introduce you.

You may be familiar with this intoxicating scent of vanilla, lime, cedarwood, lavender, ocotea, and copaiba….. After all it was included in your starter kit.  It’s a go-to favorite of mine for diffusing ( I love it mixed with orange, or ylang ylang!) But…. it is even BETTER in this convenient roll-on format that you can keep with you at all times….

I like to roll it onto my wrists or behind my ears when I feel that stress coming on. Stress Away is the perfect on-the-go natural solution to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life. This unique blend of Vanilla–the warm sweet aroma of vanilla calms and reduces tension. Lime–the delicious scent of lime is robust and refreshing, Ocotea–has a cinnamon base with a kick of exotic luxury. Cedarwood–with one of the highest known levels of sesquiterpenes, cedarwood work with the brain to improve relaxation. Copaiba–supports the Stress Away blend with the powerful constituents beta caryophyllene. And Lavender–the floral scent of lavender which is calming and eases any tense mood.

This a must have for all of you super-moms out there to keep in your purse or diaper bag. It’s also a great one to include in your carry-on bag for those summer travel mishaps that cause stress…. And the kiddos love this one too… you know…. When we stress them out by making them clean their rooms and pick up towels off the floor (anyone else or is this just my kids?). Ha!

Add this to your ER this month!