You naturally share what you love.  If you are obsessed with your new pair of boots, you tell people about them!  Social media is filled with images and stories of people sharing what they love. Your newfound oil obsession is no different, and your desire to share them has the potential to get YOUR oils paid for!

Whether you want to get your oil habit covered or you’re looking for supplemental income…heck, you may be looking for a new career; Young Living makes it possible for you to build a business through their ridiculously amazing compensation plan.    

What makes us different from your traditional network marketing?  Oh, we are so glad you asked. We seriously do. not. push. a. sale.  In fact, we think that’s weird.  We’re the people who genuinely love our oils and want to share them.  No pressure. No sales quotas.  No parties.  No inventory.  We just share.  We equip others on how to incorporate oils into a healthy and balanced life.   

The person who directed you to this site is most likely building a business and would love to help you learn more.  So your next step is to reach out to them and find out how you can get your oils paid for!   You just simply need to be a wholesale member, have a passion for HELPING people and a desire to be part of something WAY bigger and greater than you have ever imagined!

If you want our opinion, we would recommend starting with Essential Rewards (Customize a Box) and then from there, CANNONBALL into starting your very own small business.    

It’s a STRAIGHT business opportunity, where the sky is literally the limit….and we have to at the very LEAST mention how much fun (and how lucrative) it can be to share oils with friends.

Be sure to check out YL’s Income Disclosure Statement here.