I recently hosted a Perfume class and it was SO much fun!! I thought I’d share the details so you can have one for your friends and family. I try to do one event a month to create community within my team. I invite all my local members, as well as any friends that need oils. I always offer a freebie for anyone who brings a friend.


Here’s how I ran the class- after everyone arrived and ate/chatted, we sat down and did a perfume testing- I made 9 of Melissa Peopping’s blends from her book, Essential Parfumerie, and one blend of my own called Dare to show people that they can mix & make their own combo. After they smelled and made notes (I did a tasting sheet so they could write down why they liked things/ or didn’t) then we went to make the blends- they selected a bottle (priced based on what I paid-$1-6), and chose the blend (prices based on oils- I broke down the price of the oils per drop and added up- they ranged from $7-19.) In the past I have always had trouble getting people to attend when I do a flat rate upfront, but if I charge based on each piece, people see what they are paying for, and don’t mind the price. I feel like they see the value better. I charged for the bottle they chose, and the blend they selected. Everyone chose to make either Rendezvous, City Lights, Hint, or Dare. While we made the blends, I did a starter kit class mixed in with talking about the oils we were using for the perfumes… we used lavender, stress away, frankincense, lemon, and copaiba in the perfumes, so it was easy to weave in some of the other kit oils. I used Avery labels and made my own labels- super easy!


You can make this party your own- make 5 blends instead of 9, do a make your own blend, be creative, and work with what you have- if you don’t have the expensive oils in the blends, choose the ones you do have oils for- check the price list, many are only $7-9.


This was the first class where I’ve had teenagers attend- we had 4 moms and 4 teens, which was fun to see the kids getting into it. It was a fun time, lots of laughs, and some new customers in the making! I will definitely do it again!

As far as bottles- the crystal bottles are not atomizers, so they’re better for an oil based perfume.


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*Written by Vanessa Reese