As you fall in love with your Young Living essential oils, supplements, and oil-infused household products, you may find that you can’t help but to tell your friends and family.   Young Living will “thank you” with a $50 check for anyone who enrolls with a Premium Starter Kit using your member # for enroller and sponsor, as long as you have ordered at least 50PV (usually $50) in the same month.

To share YL with your friends + family, you’ll want to give them your Personalized Enrollment Link so that when they order their Premium Starter Kit, YL knows to send the thank you check to you!   The easiest way to get your enrollment link is in the Virtual Office.

-Log in and then click “MEMBER RESOURCES”

-Below that, you’ll see “LINK BUILDER”

-On that page, your member number should appear in both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID boxes.   Click “COPY LINK” and you’re all set!

-If you want to shorten it, try

-It’s a great idea to start a “note” on your phone and save this link so that you can easily copy/paste it to share with friends!


If you find yourself sharing a lot and you have some financial goals you would like to meet with a part-time Young Living business, we have resources available to help you learn more about that as well.   Get with your enroller (or nearest active upline) or email us and we’ll help get you connected!   We’d love to have you join our team!

Feel free to print or download and share these graphics to share with your friends + family who want to know more about “The Kit”.



Who loves free things?!?  Essential Rewards is hands-down the best way to switch and ditch all the products in your house.  From hand soap to makeup, Young Living has oil-infused items you can feel great about bringing into your home. Our monthly box saves us several trips to the store and gives us tons of free things from Young Living for our loyalty! One of the best parts – If you’re on ER, you will never miss a bonus check for sharing with a friend!


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