Helloooooo July!!!!!

Let’s talk Monthly Promos! There are a lot of them this month! Yay!

First up…. The 190/250/300 PV promos…

So this one time…. At band camp… I ran out of lavender… And it was the saddest thing EVA……. Thankfully YL is not going to let that happen to me this month…. With my 190pv order (on ER), I am going to get THREE (3) bottles of Lavender…. Yep 3!!! A big one for me…. And two little ones…. Perfect for throwing in your purse, bag, diaper bag, overnight bag, etc….. OR for giving away! (Perfect gift and intro to oils) or for loaning out with your diffuser! Yep…. Use those bad boys to your advantage!

Next up…. At 250 PV I get those three glorious lavenders… And I get a lavender bath and shower gel… Love this stuff! Plus I feel good that it is not laced with all those bad for you chemicals! BONUS… YL is giving you a $20 enrollment voucher at the 250 mark too! Woot woot! That is a guaranteed $50 back in your pocket when a friend buys a kit from you!

At 300 PV you get the three lavenders… The lavender bath and shower gel… the enrollment voucher…. Plus you get Progessence plus! HELLO One of my favorite products! If you have never tried this one and you are a woman… Well then you are in luck! This one is formulated specially for women for helping us manage our hormone surges at different times of the month. This one keeps me in check… That is for sure!


When anyone enrolls in Essential rewards this month and place a 100 PV order on ER, they will get a FREE grapefruit and tangerine vitality! So if anyone has been considering it, now’s a great time!!!