Did you know that the French call Juniper “Genievre?” This is derived from a Celtic word “gen” meaning “small bush” and “brus” meaning “hot and bitter.” Any Gin drinkers out there will attest to the unique aroma of Juniper berries.
Young Living’s Juniper is steam distilled from the juniper berries and twigs from the Utah species and Juniperus osteosperma. Its sweet and musky
aroma is elevating and may create a feeling of peace help us release insecurity and anger.
Juniper is a great oil for cleansing – our bodies and spirits. It’s awesome in your skincare or on itchy dry skin. It’s wonderful to use to cleanse your home of negative energy. Rub it on your sore muscles after a long workout, and over your liver and kidneys. It’s beautiful to diffuse with sage and lavender when you want to have positive energy and happy thoughts. Also, your ears – they like Juniper too! Apply a couple drops behind those ears!
-After washing face, use 1-2 drops mixed with carrier oil as moisturizer.
-Add a few drops to your shower gel or body wash for a refreshing cleanser
-Add a few drops to a warm, Epsom salt foot soak for heathy feet
-Make a juniper berry salve by filling a 2 oz glass jar with whipped coconut oil and 10 drops of juniper berry to it.
-A a few drops to Young Living’s Genesis™ Hand & Body Lotion and massage into your chest, feet and neck before bedtime
-Add 15 drops to a 1 oz dropper bottle and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil for a skin oil that keeps the flying and buzzing pests away or diffuse on your patio while enjoying the outdoors.
*Women who are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant should save their Juniper for after baby is born.
**This month, if your order totals $250pv or more, Young Living is giving a 15ml bottle of super yummy Juniper essential oil