Lavender. The “Swiss Army Knife of Oils.” If you’ve been oiling for any stretch of time at all, you probably have at least 100 ways to use Lavender oil.

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It came in your kit, and quickly became a favorite of every oiler. We diffuse it, we use it in our beauty routines, we help our kids relax, we keep it in our first aid kit, we might even wear it as perfume.
Lavender is a Young Living staple that no house should be without! It will seriously solve so many problems!

Here’s a quick review of just a few of the ways we use Lavender:
This little bottle of AWESOME can help respiratory infections, high blood pressure, skin conditions, burns, hair loss, insomnia and even nervous tension.
When diffused, the scent of Lavender can be calming and relaxing, and can be balancing both physically and emotionally.

Yep….when Young Living offers up a 15ml bottle of Lavender, you better believe I will be getting one for FREE!


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