OCTOBER!!!!!!! this month is going to be AMAZING. for one, it’s FALL and who doesn’t love this season?!?! and second, THESE PROMOS ARE INSANE!!!!!!!!


The dryer balls?! SO AWESOME. …and did you notice the BRAND NEW 100PV promo?!?!? for ER orders only – you get rewarded this month! YESSSSS.

Raise your hand if you are going to be telling all your members about this awesomeness?!?!? Dryer balls!?!? 100 pv promo level!!! This is gold!!!!!!

PALO – FREAKING – SANTO! this oil is one of my favorites – I never really paid much attention to it until I went to the YL farm in ECUADOR where I got to actually see the Palo Santo trees that they harvest the oil from – did you know the tree has to have fallen naturally and untouched for TWO YEARS before the oil can be harvested?!

AND – in Ecuador it is against the law to remove or cut down Palo Santo trees as they are protected…even taking the dead trees has limitations and must be permitted through the government!

The oil is FANTASTIC for healing – it’s similar to Frankincense in that regard, and it has a WHOLE heck of a lot of spiritual uses, too.

ANYWAY – get these promos yourself and GET THE WORD out to your customers. It’s a great month to buy lots of Ningxia and Thieves to stock up, and doing so will get you lots of freebies, too!