You’ve probably heard someone refer to something called a “kit.” They would be talking about Young Living’s Premium Starter kit. Oil users talk about it so affectionately because it is the absolute best place to start with oils. It gives you a good taste of all of Young Living’s most versatile and popular oils packaged all up in the most adorable packaging EVER so that when something comes up around the house, you have the oils you need on hand.  By purchasing the Premium Starter Kit, you also become a wholesale member.  This allows you to place orders at wholesale pricing at any time from here on out! NO minimum monthly orders, no fees, no requirements or contracts of any sort!

Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit was designed to give users the best start at using essential oils. It includes everything a new oil user needs: 11 of Young Living’s most popular oils, a diffuser of your choice, sample packets and small glass bottles that are perfect for taking your oils on the go, and some helpful literature to get you started.

So, which diffuser should you pick? That’s up to you. We like them all for different reasons. You can view the Young Living Comparison Chart for a detailed look at the differences between the various models.

Premium Kit with:

  • Home or Dewdrop diffuser: $160
  • Rainstone diffuser: $205
  • Aria diffuser: $260