Where are my Amazon Prime friends at?? Lucky for us, YL GO and GO+ offer us some of the same perks of free Prime shipping…only we also get our monthly percentage ER points as well! Let’s recap exactly what YL GO and GO+ are and why you should take advantage of them!

YL GO gets you the following

-12 ER shipping credits plus 1 bonus credit for 13 months of hassle free shipping! (12 months of shipping credits after your first year)

-priority order processing

-$20 overnight flat rate shipping

-$59 for the yearly subscription

YL GO+ gets you

-shipping credits for 12 ER shipping credits plus 24 flex credits that can be used on quick order shipments for the 12 months

-ability to choose quick order or ER order

-Priority order processing

-$20 flat rate overnight shipping

-discounted standard shipping on orders once all shipping credits have been used

-$129 for 12 months

If you’re already a member of YL GO/GO+ then be aware, your subscription is likely coming up for renewal! To renew or upgrade, simply log into your YL virtual office! If you’ve selected the automatic renewal option, your card will automatically be charged on your anniversary date! Your card on file will be charged for the same low cost as you originally signed up! This is also your opportunity to upgrade if you would like to get 24 more shipments!