ditch and switch

Did you realized that all the things you are already buying, like household cleaner, vitamins, hand soap, cough drops, toothpaste, laundry soap, lotion, supplements, skincare…


Except they are way healthier for you, filled with the GOOD stuff, safe ingredients – the ones you can pronounce – all while you could be saving money AND getting other products you want to try for FREE.

We call this transfer buying, because no need to spend MORE money- you are just spending it in a different place- on the things that are way better for you and your family.  It’s pretty simple, AND smart!

Of all the health changes to make- this is the MOST IMPORTANT- Kick “fragrance” to the curb

When you see ‘fragrance’ on a personal care product’s label, just read it as ‘hidden chemicals.’  Why should you care?  This is a major loophole in the FDA’s federal law that allows manufacturers to include nearly ANY ingredient (even toxic ones) in their products under the name ‘fragrance’ without ACTUALLY LISTING the chemical. ‹‹‹— just keep re-reading that until it sinks in. THAT IS RIDICULOUS.


• PHTHALATES (pronounced ‘thalates’) are possible endocrine disruptors that can change hormone levels & cause birth defects.  They can interfere with the intellectual development of babies + children and may cause preterm labor.  They also have been shown to be associated with allergies, insulin resistance, diabetes & obesity.

• TRICLOSAN has been associated with higher rates of allergies to both food & skin allergens.  It can increase + decrease both estrogen and testosterone, and is known to pass into blood, urine + breast milk.   Even worse, it can react with free chlorine in our water supply and form a by-product that, when exposed to the sun, is converted into dioxins.  Dioxins are known to be toxic to mammals, birds and fish.

• 2-BUTOXYETHANOL (bu-tox-zi-eth-an-ol) BCEE has been shown to cause skeleton defects in the fetal rats, and can inhibit coordination.  H

• PERCHLORETHYLENE (PERC) is a central nervous system depressant and is a Class 2 carcinogen.

This is just the very surface of the bad stuff found in our common cleaners.  Chlorine, ammonia, quaternary ammonia compounds, and sodium hydroxide are all very irritating to the skin and lungs, and may have other harmful effects on the body.

Scary fact:
Many ingredients in “Fragrances” are KNOWN carcinogens as well as endocrine and reproductive disrupters (decreased sperm counts, birth defects, hormone disruption) and these ‘fragrances’ may also contribute to kidney and liver damage. Know someone that suffers from asthma? Google asthma and synthetic fragrance. You’re welcome.

This kind of deception is so infuriating for those of us who think we’re buying safe, “clean” products for our loved ones.  Go check out your cabinets and take a look at the products.   How many have “fragrance” listed as an ingredient?

Thankfully, we’ve fallen in love with Essential Rewards with Young Living, which helps us move one step closer in ditching those harmful products for safe, clean, plant based products.   We can order the products we need, have them delivered straight to our door, and you can earn up to 25% back on your purchases.   Basically this means I’m spending a LOT less money at Target (sorry, Target!).  They only give 5% back, anyhow right?