Seriously guys… if you only understand TWO THINGS in this business…

LOVING your oils & STACKING would be it.

It is absolutely why we as Moderns create such strong & supported organizations SO FAST! It is also why we hit rank so fast & help our friends do the same it’s basically why we are AWESOME. 

A few of my top tips….
1. ONLY stack people who LOVE their oils, are Brand Partners, and on Loyalty Rewards.
2. ONLY stack people who are working & striving to succeed
3. NEVER stack people who ask for it
4. FOCUS on building 6 STRONG legs NOT 2
5. ALWAYS ask for help when you are first starting
6. WATCH all the videos… then watch again
7. REACH out to your closest friends & fam to get them at the TOP of your legs ( you only get 6 make them incredible!)
Here it is all laid out for you for those of you who are NO JOKE!!!… & want to MASTER STACKING!!!

Sponsor Change Scripts:

Live Chat – Within 5 days

Hello, I’d like to restructure part of my downline please.

I (YOUR NAME, #*******, Pin ****) would like to remain the ENROLLER, but please move NAME OF PERSON YOU ARE MOVING, member # ******* under NAME OF NEW SPONSOR, member number # ****** as her SPONSOR.

Again, I’d like to remain the ENROLLER.


E-mail – Within 30 days –

After 30 days: 3 Upline Approval Form