How To Order

If you need step by step directions, here you go:

1. Start Shopping
Fill your cart with all the products you want!

2. Unlock Your Discount
Unlock your 24% discount by filling your cart with 100PV or making your first order a Loyalty Rewards Order!

Loyalty Rewards is amazing and it’s an easy way to start kicking the toxins out of your home and replacing them with safe options. You have the ability to earn money back on every order and tons of gifts with purchase! You can adjust this each month, you are NEVER locked in to a thing!

As you check out, make sure you select “Yes, make this my first loyalty order” to earn points on your order to start earning rewards. From your first order you’ll earn $10 (possibly $20, depending on the monthly Gifts With Purchase!) back as a store credit/gift card to use on your next order. And as a bonus, you’ll get a Desert Mist diffuser for FREE with your 2nd Loyalty Order!

3. Check Out + Add Referral ID
The number here should be the person’s number who introduced you to Young Living.

Stop! If you were referred here by a friend, you will want to enter their numbers when you click on the above link. Otherwise the default number of 1443070 belongs to me, Nicole Barczak! If you accidentally sign up under me, shoot me an email,, with the name and e-mail of your friend that referred you and I’ll get it fixed right up for you.