Achievement Level: A Distributor’s rank within the Young Living Compensation Plan that determines commissions and bonuses. The 10 Achievement Levels are Distributor, Star, Senior Star, Executive, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Royal Crown Diamond.

Active Member: An Active Member (Customer or Distributor) purchases products with a minimum of 50 PV in one month, within a 12-month period.

Essential Rewards: An order made by the 29th day of a calendar month of at lest 50 PV which is automatically shipped each month with a discounted shipping cost. Shipping date and contents of an Autoship order may be changed every month, within 24 hours of the existing Autoship date. (If Autoship orders are cancelled or returned, bonuses requiring Autoship will be cancelled or retracted.) Autoship orders must be purchased with the buyer’s payment method and delivered to the buyer’s address.

Commissionable Products: Products on which commissions are paid. (Non-commissionable products include such items as business aids and accessories.)

Customer: A Member who purchases products at the retail price, which is 24% above the wholesale price, and does not participate in the Young Living business opportunity. Customers are placed on the sponsor’s level, and contribute to the sponsor’s PV. Customers do not occupy a place in the downline organization apart from their sponsor’s place.

Customer Earnings: A commission of 24% of sales volume generated by Customers to their sponsors.

Diamond Express Profit Sharing Bonus: One of four Pool Share Bonuses, this one equals .5% of YLEO’s total Bonus Pool (a percentage of commissionable sales in a given month) and is divided amongst eligible Diamond (1 share), Crown Diamond (2 shares), and Royal Crown Diamond Distributors (3 shares).

Distributor: A Member of Young Living who purchases a Starter Kit (upon enrolling as a Distributor) and participates in the Young Living business opportunity as detailed in the company’s Compensation Plan. Distributors earn commissions and bonuses on sales in their downline organization according to their Achievement Level (also referred to as their Rank).

Downline Organization: The total number of Members (Distributors and Customers) enrolled under you, beginning with your first level and continuing to infinite levels.

Dynamic Compression: An order of 50 PV is considered a “qualifying” order, meaning that it qualifies to be counted as a level in the downline organization on which a Distributor gets paid. Where a Distributor in your downline organization has less than 50 PV in a given month, that person’s PV compresses up to the level above it, and further downline volume compresses up until a “qualifying” order of 50 PV fills the original spot. You are paid commmissions on all the compressed volume.

Enroller: A Distributor who enrolls a new Member in Young Living.

Loyalty Reward Points: A “loyalty program” awarding points to Members who maintain a Subscribe to Save order over consecutive months. Each point equals a dollar of free PV that the Member may redeem for products, and while there is no limit to how many points may be earned per month, only 350 Essential Rewards point may be redeemed per month. Points roll over from month to month and expire on a rolling 12 month basis or if Subscribe to Save is discontinued.

Fast Start Bonus: A Bonus paid in addition to all other commissions and bonuses. This bonus has two parts: 1) You earn 25% on your newly enrolled Distributor’s first three months’ PV (with a maximum payout amount of $200 per enrollee per month), and 2) Should that new Distributor enroll a new Distributor, you earn 10% of that new Member’s PV for their first three months.

Generation: A generation consists of all Members in one leg of a downline organization between two Silver (or higher rank) Distributors. The generation begins with a Silver and extends down to, but does not include the next Silver or above. The next generation begins with the next Silver Distributor in that same leg in the downline organization. Generations are not limited by levels and may extend virtually to infinite levels of depth in a leg where no other Silver Distributors appear in the downline organization.

Generation Bonus: A Bonus paid in addition to all other commissions and bonuses to Distributors who have achieved the rank of Silver or above. When you become a Silver, you are qualified to receive this Bonus on three generations: the first pays 2%, the next two pay 3%. Each successively higher rank adds another generation on which you are paid: Gold = four, Platinum = five, Diamond = six, Crown Diamond = seven, and Royal Crown Diamond = eight. Generations two through seven are paid at 3%. Generation eight is 1%. If no Silver (or higher) appears in a leg, the bonus is paid on the entire leg as far as it goes.

Generation Leadership Bonus: One of four Share Pool Bonuses, this Bonus is equal to 6% of the month’s Share Pool, and is paid out in shares according to your paid-as rank for the month and on the leaders in your organization on which you earn Generation Bonus commissions. Please see the Generation Leadership Bonus graphic is in the comments and the Compensation Plan Diagram for details.

Leg: A “leg” begins with a Distributor on your first level and includes all the Members (Distributors and Customers) who are enrolled underneath that person.

Leg X OGV: The number of legs and the amount of monthly OGV required for each leg. For example, the Leg X OGV requirement to be paid as an Executive is 2 x 1,000 meaning two legs with 1,000 OGV each.

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