Okay you guys, if you want a quick references for the YL terminology, here you go. PLEASE do not feel like you need to memorize this or understand it all right at the beginning. This will all come to you as you get more familiar with the YL business end.

Achievement Level (aka Rank): A Distributor’s rank within the Young Living Compensation Plan that determines commissions and bonuses. The 10 Achievement Levels are Distributor, Star, Senior Star, Executive, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Royal Crown Diamond.

Active Member: An Active Member (Customer or Distributor) purchases products with a minimum of 50 PV in one month, within a 12-month period.

Brand Partner: A person who has entered into a Brand Partner agreement with YL. They can build businesses by enrolling new customers, other Brand Partners, or professional accounts. They receive compensation for their work via Young Living that follows our global compensation plan.

Commissionable Products: Products on which commissions are paid. (Non-commissionable products include such items as business aids and accessories.)

Compression: If a Brand Partner does not have 100 PV or 100 CV, the volume is then compressed up to the next Brand Partner that is commissions qualified.

Customer: People who have an account with Young Living and purchase products for personal use. Customers are not eligible to earn commissions by reselling YL products or via enrolling customers or Brand Partners. A customer can convert to being a Brand Partner by purchasing a Business Essentials Kit.

Customer Earnings: A commission of 24% of sales volume generated by Customers to their sponsors.

Downline Organization: The total number of Members (Distributors and Customers) enrolled under you, beginning with your first level and continuing to infinite levels.

Enroller: The person who personally introduces a new customer to Young Living. They are the one who receives the fast start bonus. You can however change the sponsor – this is called placement. As long as you remain the enroller, you will get your fast start bonus.

Fast Start Bonus: A Bonus paid in addition to all other commissions and bonuses. This bonus has two parts: 1) You earn 25% on your newly enrolled Distributor’s first three months’ PV (with a maximum payout amount of $200 per enrollee per month), and 2) Should that new Distributor enroll a new Distributor, you earn 10% of that new Member’s PV for their first three months.

Generation: A generation consists of all Members in one leg of a downline organization between two Silver (or higher rank) Distributors. The generation begins with a Silver and extends down to, but does not include the next Silver or above. The next generation begins with the next Silver Distributor in that same leg in the downline organization. Generations are not limited by levels and may extend virtually to infinite levels of depth in a leg where no other Silver Distributors appear in the downline organization.

Generation Bonus: A Bonus paid in addition to all other commissions and bonuses to Distributors who have achieved the rank of Silver or above. When you become a Silver, you are qualified to receive this Bonus on three generations: the first pays 2%, the next two pay 3%. Each successively higher rank adds another generation on which you are paid: Gold = four, Platinum = five, Diamond = six, Crown Diamond = seven, and Royal Crown Diamond = eight. Generations two through seven are paid at 3%. Generation eight is 1%. If no Silver (or higher) appears in a leg, the bonus is paid on the entire leg as far as it goes.

Generation Leadership Bonus: One of four Share Pool Bonuses, this Bonus is equal to 6% of the month’s Share Pool, and is paid out in shares according to your paid-as rank for the month and on the leaders in your organization on which you earn Generation Bonus commissions. Please see the Generation Leadership Bonus graphic is in the comments and the Compensation Plan Diagram for details.

Leg: A leg is a Commission Qualified Brand Partner on your level one and everyone under them. If there is not a Commission Qualified Brand Partner on your level one, a leg can begin at any level where you first encounter a Commission Qualified Brand Partner.

Level: A level is the place of a customer or Brand Partner within your organization. When you enroll a friend and keep yourself as the sponsor – they are now your level 1. If that new friend becomes a Brand Partner and enrolls someone, the new customer becomes your level 2.

Loyalty Reward: Young Living’s loyalty subscription program that delivers your favorite products each month hassle-free from our door to yours. Earn points back on each order. As your months subscribed to Loyalty Rewards increase, so do your rewards!

Read more of the details here:

Member: A Customer or Brand Partner who buys directly from Young Living Essential Oils.

Month End: Month End is the cutoff date for processing online, phone, fax, and postal orders. The cutoff is midnight Mountain Time on the last calendar day of the month. To be included in commissions for a month, mailed-in orders must be received by the last business day of that month.

Organization Group Volume (OGV): The monthly volume within a Brand Partner’s organization (total of all orders on your team – including your own – during that month).

Personal Group Volume (PGV): The monthly volume (including your PV) in your organization excluding any Silver or higher rank volume.

Personal Volume (PV): The monthly volume of your personal orders.

Rank: An achievement level of sales and leg development qualifying a Distributor to earn a range of commissions and bonuses according to the compensation plan. There are 9 Ranks.

Sponsor: The sponsor is the person you place a new customer or Brand Partner under to help grow their team. If you are the sponsor, the customer will be your level 1. The sponsor can also be the enroller, but does not have to be. If you move your new enrollment to a new sponsor, your new enrollment will be on the level 1 of the new sponsor. The sponsor does not make money from fast start, but does earn unilevel commissions.

You have 30 days to change the sponsor from the day you enroll the new customer or Brand Partner. You can change the sponsor by emailing resolutions@youngliving.com or calling customer service within the first 5 days to move them 1-800-371-3515.

In order to make changes for the commissions period, remember to send in changes before the end of the month.

Starter Bundle Bonus: A one-time bonus of $25 paid to you every time you enroll a new Customer with a Starter Bundle For example, if you sign up six new Customers who each purchase Starter Bundles, you earn $150.

Unilevel Commissions: The percentage paid on the first 5 levels of an organization.

8% at level 1
5% at level 2
4% each at levels 3-5.See the Compensation Plan Diagram for a graphic view of the plan.

Wholesale Price: The price paid for products by Customers who order 100pv.