RESOURCES + Supplies

Below are suggested carriers & jars we use that are available on Amazon. We wanted to take some of the guesswork out of it for you so here’s a quick reference sheet to buy directly through the links below. 

Happy Oiling!

• Fractionated Coconut Oil: 
Use for creams to cover larger surface areas on your body. 
• Grapeseed Oil:  
• V-6 Carrier Oil: 
Use for rollers for on the go relief and spot treatment.

If searching for other options, it is important to look for organic and unrefined whenever possible. It is the purest form which is important when applying something to the largest organ of your body…your skin! 

Additional Carrier Oils for Beauty Products
Different carrier oils are better for different skin types. Research each of the following to see which is best for you!

• JoJoba Oil:  
• Sweet Almond Oil:
• Avocado Oil:

A little bit of everything kit: perfect for starters.  Comes with (2) 16 oz spray bottles (ideal for Thieves Cleaner) (2) 4 oz spray bottles, (6) 2 oz spray bottles, (6) 10ml rollers + accessories. 

Rollers – my favorite rollers are made with my recycled essential oil bottles from YL with the AromaGlide Roller Fitments 10 pk, item #4578 that you can purchase from Young Living. 

• 24  Pack: 
• 24 Pack (cobalt blue):  
• Bamboo Rollers: 
• Rainbow 5ml: 
• Rainbow 10ml: 


• 2 oz: 
• 4 oz: 

Eye Dropper Bottles

• 2 oz. 6 pack: 
Great to store your carrier oil and use for filling capsules, roller bottles, etc

Misting Bottles

• 2 oz. 12 pack: 
Great for Thieves throat spray, first aid spray, or lice spray.
• 4 oz. 6 pack: 
Great for room sprays, mattress sprays, etc.

Glass Spray Bottles
Use for room sprays, linen sprays etc

• 2 oz. 6 Pack: 
• 4 oz. 6 Pack: 

Spray Bottles for Cleaning
Use with Young Living Thieves Cleaner.

• 16 oz 2pk with labels:  
• 16 oz 9 Pack: 
• Single with silicone bottom:

Other Items used often to make oil products

• Witch Hazel: 
Use for room sprays, linen sprays, bug sprays etc.

• Aloe Vera: 
Use for after sun spray, hand sanitizer etc.

• Castile Soap: 
Use for hand soap, cleaning products etc.

• Shea Butter: 
Use for body butter or creams

• Citric Acid:
Use for dishwashing detergents, bath bombs, shower bombs, and toilet bombs

• Bentonite Clay: 
Use for homemade deodorant recipes.

• Activated Charcoal:
Use for soaps, face masks, deodorants

• Goats Milk Bar Soap Base:
Use for making soaps

• Goat’s Milk Lotion
Use for making lotions, body butter, creams

• Organic Mango Butter-
Use for body butter or creams

• Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil-
Use for body butter or creams

• Vegetable Glycerin: 
Use for dish soap, bubble bath, detangling spray, etc.

• Clear Vegetable Capsules 

• Epsom Salts
For baths

• Beeswax- 

• Organic Arrowroot Powder 

• Organic Vitamin E Oil 


Here is a guide to our favorite books on essential oils – you’ll find recipes, DIY, protocols, safety, pregnancy, children, science, chemistry, hormones, and so much more!

• Gentle Babies:

• Lucy Libido… There’s an Oil for THAT

• Betsey Bosoms Baby Book

• Supplements Desk Reference

• Essential Oils and Healthy Menopause: History and Research Secrets

• Chemistry of Essential Oils

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